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This month we are undertaking a new promotion for the Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer initiative.  The campaign is a public awareness program aimed at preventing bowel cancer by raising awareness of the disease and promoting the use of annual bowel screening for people over 50.

The campaign will be built around FOB Test Friday on 25th February, 2011 (FOB being Faecal Occult Blood Test).

This inaugural Victorian campaign will involve TV, radio, press and magazine advertising, direct promotion to health professionals such as GP’s and pharmacists, a public relations program, stakeholder activities and a dedicated launch event.

We are using a number of FOB Test ‘Ambassadors’ to assist us in spreading this very important message to the general public:  if you are 50 or over, you need to do a FOB Test, even if you have no symptoms.  This simple test, which can be performed in the privacy of your home, could save your life by detecting invisible quantities of blood, often released by polyps or bowel cancers into the bowel motion.  FOB Tests can be purchased here or at selected pharmacies.

FOB Test Friday Ambassadors

  • Daryl Somers OAM - Hey Hey It's Saturday TV Host and Executive Producer
  • Geoff “Coxy” Cox – Coxy’s Big Break TV Host, bowel cancer survivor
  • Dr Sally Cockburn – GP and Media Health Advocate aka ‘Dr Feelgood’
  • Liz Smart – bowel cancer survivor
  • Melissa Monks – bowel cancer survivor

Download posters & newsletters for your workplace or community group here:

FOB Test Friday - A3 poster
FOBWatch - A4 Newsletter