Researchers from the Cabrini Monash University Department of Surgery have just published a leading article in the prestigious British Journal of Surgery.

Colorectal surgeons Mr Stephen Bell and Mr Satish Warrier have just published their article entitled “Optimization of bodyweight before visceral surgery in obese patients” in the British Journal of Surgery May 2017 Volume 104, Issue 6.

This leading article investigates how obesity as an epidemic in the Western world has become increasingly relevant in the management of surgical patients.

Epidemiological trends show a rising prevalence of obesity the USA, Europe and Australasia, with the WHO estimating that 2.8 million worldwide dying each year from being overweight.

According to research leader and Cabrini colorectal surgeon Stephen Bell, “Obese patients undergoing surgery provide technical challenges for the surgeon.”

“Specialized equipment, along with additional staff, may be necessary, and operating times are typically longer. Yet a greater focus on preoperative optimization and prehabilitation before surgery may be particularly important in the superobese patient.”

“VLEDs (very low-energy diets)”, according to Mr Bell, “have been shown to reduce total bodyweight, liver fat content and liver volume.”

With the incidence of obesity in Western countries rising, visceral cancers can be strongly associated with excessive weight gain, and colorectal cancer remains a significant disease burden worldwide.

The Cabrini Monash University Department of Surgery research team continually strive to provide excellent chances of cure and optimal surgical outcomes to all of our patients.

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